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Support Guidelines

Support options are all through the community and managed by the KeyDB team at Snap Inc. Because KeyDB is solely an open source project, there are no paid support services available, however the KeyDB team regularly monitors issues and channels.

Start by Searching the Docs#

KeyDB documentation is always a great place to start! Search keywords or follow the sidebars to navigate. It can also be noted that outside of KeyDB specific features there is a lot of overlap with Redis, so google & stack overflow for Redis are also a great resource.

General Questions#

Stack Overflow#

We encourage you to use the keydb tag on Stack Overflow as can be seen here. We now monitor questions with the keydb tag regularly. If you think your question could be relevant to other users, Stack Overflow is the best place for this to be documented and searchable.


Slack workspace is available to all users and a way to stay connected with other community members and the dev team. We recommend Slack for general discussions and inquiries.

Bugs and Issues#

If there is a bug or perceived issue with the KeyDB product, please create an issue on the KeyDB github repo. This way we can track the bug/fix/PR associated. Github issues is the right place for these. For bugs posted in other forums they may be migrated to github issues for tracking.

Documentation Requests & PRs#

The KeyDB Docs Repo is where our documentation is maintained. If you find an issue in our docs please create an issue here, or edit and make a PR.

If you have a request for new documentation, or would like to contribute please create an issue or feel free to chat about it on slack.

New Feature Requests#

If you have a request for a new feature or technology integration, we encourage you to bring it up on Slack or create an issue on github with the tag 'enhancement'