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Welcome to KeyDB's Documentation

KeyDB Doc's is your technical hub where you can find documentation, examples, tutorials, and theory behind KeyDB. Docs is open source and we welcome requests, as well as PR's.

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Site Layout#

There are 3 offering levels of KeyDB: KeyDB Cloud, KeyDB Open Source, and KeyDB Enterprise. Because KeyDB Cloud and Enterprise can be considered a superset of Open Source, all documentation is applicable to all offerings unless its specified as a subcategory under Cloud/Enterprise/Open Source.

KeyDB Cloud and Enterprise use the same binary packages, so the feature set and some of the documentation is the same, however the cloud offering is fully managed with a GUI for simplified, automated operations.

What is KeyDB#

KeyDB is a high performance database with a focus on multithreading, memory efficiency, and high throughput. We offer the ability to scale both vertically and horizontally, with several replication options including multi-master replication which can be used cross-region.

KeyDB leverages its power and architecture to provide features that might not otherwise be possible with a single threaded engine such as Redis. KeyDB can be used as a drop in alternative to Redis and maintains compatibility with the Redis API, modules, protocol and clients.


If you have a request for specific documentation it is likely you're not the only one. Please create an issue in the KeyDB-docs repository and we will put it in the queue.


We want to hear from you! As our users you likely have insights to the application of the product we do not. If you have a markdown tutorial/demonstration/instruction you would like us to post please create a pull request on the KeyDB-docs Github repository. We will merge after reviewing the content.


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