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Welcome to KeyDB Docs

KeyDB Docs is your technical hub where you can find documentation, examples, tutorials, and theory behind KeyDB. Docs is open source and we welcome requests, as well as PRs.

If you are new to KeyDB check out our recommended reading.

KeyDB is a high performance open source database used at Snap, and a powerful drop-in alternative to Redis. While many databases keep the best features locked in their paid offerings, KeyDB remains fully open source. This best enables Snap & the community to collaborate and benefit together in the projects development.

Download & Build Options#

KeyDB offers a number of easy ways to use KeyDB. Click one of the links below or see the detailed breakdown of download offerings here

Join the KeyDB Community#

Check out our channels below to join in discussions or subscribe to keep up to date with KeyDB developments. We look forward to having you as part of our community!


Check out our support guidelines for the best way to obtain support for your questions, issues, or requests.

Recommended Reading#

Background on KeyDB, Our Values & More#

  • About KeyDB - Find out more about the KeyDB Project, its history, and support network
  • Github Source - See the source code, readme, and activity
  • Compatibility with Redis - Some notes regarding compatibility with Redis and it's broader ecosystem

Learn Fundamental Concepts#

Start Playing with KeyDB#

Optimizing KeyDB#

  • keydb.conf - The KeyDB configuration file outlines all the options for tuning and setting up KeyDB
  • Benchmarking - Test out your setup to see what kind of throughput it can handle. Expose system bottlenecks and troubleshoot

Client Side Resources#

Community & Support#