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Using DEB Packages and KeyDB's PPA Repository

About KeyDB Packaging#

Debian packages make installation of KeyDB easy. No need to worry about building the binaries, or directory setup. Just simply install and go!

We are now using a single freight repository to serve all Ubuntu and Debian packages. We currently support the following distributions/architectures:

  • Debian: stretch (amd64 & arm64), buster (amd64 & arm64), bullseye (amd64 & arm64), bookworm (amd64 & arm64)
  • Ubuntu: xenial (amd64), bionic (amd64 & arm64), focal (amd64 & arm64), jammy (amd64 & arm64)

We plan to support additional distributions in the near future. If you are looking to create your own custom packages or see the source code, the deb packaging scripts can be found here:

KeyDB PPA Installation#

A PPA (Personal Package Archive) allows you to easily install, update and remove packages with commands such as apt or dpkg. When you follow the commands below to install KeyDB, the proper package will be selected for your installation. All packages listed in the above section are available through the below method.

In order to get your keydb-ppa, simply follow these commands below:

$ echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/keydb.list
$ sudo wget -O /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/keydb.gpg
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install keydb


During the apt install phase you can choose from several installation methods:


Use apt install keydb-tools to install binaries only. This method is for someone who wants the program installed but not configured to run automatically (as a service). The installation moves these binaries to /usr/bin/: keydb-cli, keydb-server, keydb-benchmark, keydb-check-aof, keydb-check-rdb.


Use apt install keydb-server to run keydb-server as a service. Systemd files will be set up as well as directory structures for pid files, conf files, etc. keydb-tools is a dependency for this package and will be installed if not already.


Use apt install keydb. This installs both keydb-server and keydb-tools. This is a common installation for most.


For those using keydb-sentinel and want to run it as a service you will need to run apt install keydb-sentinel

KeyDB DEB Packages#

For those not getting KeyDB DEB packages via the PPA repository, they can be accessed at In this directory listing you can access deb packages for all previous versions as well as the latest versions. For each release there are 4 deb packages available as described above and they are consolidated to their own versioned directory for each release.

In the higher level directories there is a "keydb-latest" directory linked to the latest version for ease of access and those running scripts. See above for more information on each deb package.

Unlike with the PPA, you will need to manually install the 'tools' package prior to the others, and you will have to install both 'tools' and 'server' prior to just the 'keydb' deb packages.

The directory listing structure narrows down by distribution --> architecture --> keydb --> package

Using KeyDB as a Service#

When keydb-server is set up as a service you can start, stop and check status via:

$ sudo service keydb-server status
$ sudo service keydb-server start
$ sudo service keydb-server stop

This can be done similarly with keydb-sentinel if installed

The main configuration file is located at /etc/keydb/keydb.conf

Other relevant files updated with keydb-server are:

  • /etc/logrotate.d/keydb-server
  • /etc/init.d/keydb-server
  • /lib/systemd/system/keydb-server.service

Binaries installed with keydb-tools are placed in /usr/bin/

Run on Boot#

By default the service is disabled and will be disabled if your machine is rebooted. If you would like to have KeyDB start on system boot:

$ sudo systemctl enable keydb-server

Setting up FLASH with systemd#

If you are running KeyDB as a service with FLASH options enabled, you need to let systemd know you will be accessing the flash volume and make sure the keydb user/group have access. You will need to update the systemd file /lib/systemd/system/keydb-server.service and append the following line below where the others are located:


This followed by sudo systemctl daemon-reload

You will then need to change the ownership on the directory of the specified flash volume

sudo chown -R keydb:keydb /path/to/your/flash/volume/db/folder

Now you should be able to run KeyDB FLASH as a service and start/stop with sudo service keydb-server start/stop/status


$ sudo apt autoremove --purge keydb keydb-server keydb-sentinel keydb-tools

Choose which package to uninstall based on which packages were installed in the first place. All packages are listed in above command, however some of the packages will remove the packages dependent on them as well.

If you want to remove the ppa from your list of programs to update on sudo apt update, then remove the .list file in sources:

$ sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/keydb.list

Issues and Requests#

If you have a build request, issue, or would like to make updates to the packages please email or create an issue on github