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Building KeyDB

This document reviews how to build open source KeyDB yourself.

If you are looking for a prebuilt DEB or RPM package, take a look through our DOCS or check out

Build Example#

The following builds from the unstable (latest) branch of Github. This will contain the latest pushed changes. If you want to generate the latest official release please change branch to RELEASE_6

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential nasm autotools-dev autoconf libjemalloc-dev tcl tcl-dev uuid-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev git
git clone
cd KeyDB
sudo make install

Build Issues & Rebuilding#

If you need to update your build, ensure you make distclean prior to building again.

Switch to a Release Branch or Dev Branch#

In order to build from the latest official release please change branches prior to make:

git fetch --all
git checkout RELEASE_6
git pull

Build Flags#

Building with TLS support:#

Note that if you are building with TLS support, pass the BUILD_TLS=yes flag when calling make.

Build with systemd support#

To enable using systemd, use the USE_SYSTEMD=yes flag when calling make. You can now update your service file to use Type=notify and your keydb.conf file to use supervised systemd to take advantage of this support.

Building Other Linux Distributions#

The following dependencies are recommended for building and testing KeyDB


sudo apt update
sudo apt install build-essential nasm autotools-dev autoconf libjemalloc-dev tcl tcl-dev uuid-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev git


pacman -Syu --noconfirm
pacman -S --noconfirm base-devel git tcl


apk add --no-cache coreutils gcc linux-headers make musl-dev util-linux-dev openssl-dev curl-dev g++ bash git perl libunwind-dev

CentOS 7#

sudo yum install -y scl-utils centos-release-scl
sudo yum install -y devtoolset-7 libuuid-devel
sudo source scl_source enable devtoolset-7
sudo yum install -y openssl openssl-devel curl-devel devtoolset-7-libatomic-devel tcl tcl-devel git wget epel-release
sudo yum install -y tcltls libzstd

Centos 8#

yum install -y scl-utils epel-release
dnf group install -y "Development Tools"
yum install -y 'dnf-command(config-manager)'
yum install -y dnf-plugins-core
dnf config-manager --set-enabled powertools
yum install -y libuuid-devel which libatomic
yum install -y openssl openssl-devel curl-devel git
yum install -y tcl-devel tcltls

Fedora 35#

dnf install -y jemalloc-devel g++ libuuid-devel libatomic openssl-devel curl-devel

Additional dependencies for packaging:#

Source code for creating deb/rpm packages can be found in

For Deb Packages:#

sudo apt install pbuilder lintian devscripts dh-make # for all deb packaging
sudo apt install apt-utils # for xenial/stretch/buster
sudo apt install systemd procps # for stretch/buster

For RPM Packages#

sudo yum install rpm-build

Generate Latest Binaries (Ubuntu 18.04) with Docker#

If you want the latest open source binaries but do not want to run the build yourself, you can generate within a docker container. Please note this is building in Ubuntu 18.04 and is pulling from the unstable branch of KeyBD. Dockerfiles are posted in the Docker section if you want to build on a different image.

make a folder you would like to have the latest binaries dumped in, then run the following command with your updated path:

$ docker run -it --rm -v /path-to-dump-binaries:/keydb_bin eqalpha/keydb-build-bin

You should receive the following files: keydb-benchmark, keydb-check-aof, keydb-check-rdb, keydb-cli, keydb-sentinel, keydb-server