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Eliminating the Need for Redis Sentinel with KeyDB Active Replication

Active Replication eliminates the need for having ‘monitoring sentinel nodes’ to decide when to perform failovers in a high availability setup. This also enables your active replica node to accept reads and writes while actively syncing with the other active replica node.

For a more in depth dive into benefits, possible performance gains, and setup configurations of an active replica setup vs typical, check out Redis Replication and KeyDB Active Replication: Optimizing System Resources for a High Availability Setup

To see how simple using active replication is, take a look at this brief demonstration:#

KeyDB is an open source high performance fork of Redis and maintains full compatibility with Redis API’s, modules, and protocols. It offers a lot of other open source features including advanced multi-threading, FLASH storage, backup to AWS S3, and more.

You can check out the open source github project here!