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KeyDB v6.3.3 & Upcoming Changes to Supported Distributions

With KeyDB version 6.3.3 comes updates to KeyDB FLASH and fixes to 17 Github issues. We are also announcing that following the release of v6.3.3 we will be updating our supported Linux distributions and base images to better support KeyDB FLASH & C++17 features.

Version 6.3.3 Release Notes#

This release contains fixes for 17 issues along with improvements to the KeyDB FLASH feature:

  • Fixed race condition with expireset access (Issue #597)
  • Fixed keys command with Lua, and added keydb as an alternative to redis as Lua variable to access db (Issue #562 and #594)
  • Fixed hang in aof child (Issue #554)
  • Fixed leaking fds from RDB save (Issue #453 and #584)
  • Added config for S3 RDB load/save (Issue #584)
  • Enabled active defrag during forkless background save to improve average memory efficiency (Issue #460)
  • Fixed crash with fork background save during replication (Issue #567)
  • Fixed integer overflow in rand family of commands(Issue #631, #632, #633)
  • Fixed bad value in hincrbyfloat(Issue #634)
  • Fixed OOM hang in rand family of commands(Issue #635)
  • Added config to limit count of return values in rand family of commands(Issue #636)

Updates to KeyDB FLASH (Beta):

  • RocksDB has been updated to v7.9.2
  • Fixed missing slot_to_key map in FLASH cluster mode (Issue #574)
  • Added keyspace notifications for keys loaded from FLASH at startup
  • Fixed race condition in prefetchKeysAsync with FLASH enabled (Issue #571)

Updates to Supported Distributions#

In an effort to accelerate our development efforts, we will be deprecating the support for some of our older Linux distributions. This decision in part comes following the Open Sourcing of KeyDB FLASH in September โ€˜22 which uses RocksDB as its storage provider. Moving forward we are utilizing RocksDB v7.9.2 and up which requires C++17 which is not directly supported for older Linux distributions such as Ubuntu 18.04 and earlier, Debian 9 & Centos 7.

We have also recently added support for Debian 12 & Ubuntu 22.04 and will be bumping the default Docker base image to Ubuntu 20.04.

Below represents the updates made to distribution support that will take effect following the v6.3.3 release:

Docker ImagesUbuntu 18.04The base docker image will be modified from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 in our next release. Alpine will continue to be a supported lightweight image.
Ubuntu 20.04
Debian PackagesUbuntu 16.04Deb packages for Debian 9, Ubuntu 16.04 & Ubuntu 18.04 will be deprecated. We will continue to add package support for new LTS versions
Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 22.04
Debian 9
Debian 10
Debian 11
Debian 12
Centos RPM PackagesCentos 7Centos is reaching EOL (End Of Life). We will be deprecating support for Centos 7 and eventually Centos 8 as well.
Centos 8
Supported BuildsRaspbian 32 bitWe are deprecating support for 32-bit builds. While this was important for many Raspberry Pi applications, many are now running 64-bit which we continue to support.
Raspbian 64 bit