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Website, Docs & Distribution Updates

KeyDB has upgraded its main website, migrated docs to a newer version, and has changed download distribution methods to provide more options. This comes as KeyDB is now separated into three product offerings: ‘KeyDB Open Source’, ‘KeyDB Cloud’, and ‘KeyDB Enterprise’. Please see below a high level summary of the major changes.


  • KeyDB Ubuntu and Debian packages will now all be served through a common PPA repository. This brings support to both buster and stretch packages in addition to focal, bionic and xenial packages. A thanks to one of our users, Stephan Schlesinger for the suggestion to use Freight which is an open source project for distribution
  • KeyDB Enterprise and KeyDB Open Source packages are now separated into separate distribution trees, with KeyDB-Pro binaries removed from the open source packaging.
  • Existing PPA repositories and download trees remain in tact but will not be updated. Please see documentation on rpm/deb/ppa repos to update installation paths


  • KeyDB Docs which includes all documentation and blogs has been migrated to the Docusaurus v2 framework which offers a lot of new functionality.
  • Docs now has ‘dark mode’
  • A new header/footer with additional links/sublinks for easier navigation
  • The sidebar comes pre-collapsed, and now has nested sidebar categories allowing for better organization and workflow. Docs has been re-categorized to separate Enterprise, Open Source, and Cloud offerings.
  • KeyDB-Pro has been removed from our documentation and has been rebranded as KeyDB Enterprise to reflect the offering moving forwards.


  • The website has a new look and feel. It now incorporates sections for our different product offerings as well as a better structure and flow.
  • The site is separated into categories for open source, cloud, and enterprise to clearly differentiate the offerings.

For regular updates, please be sure to follow us through one of the channels below: