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KeyDB (YC S20) Joins Snap

We're excited to announce that KeyDB is joining Snap! Not only does Snap provide a long-term home for KeyDB that shares our values, but this has already enabled us to expand the scope of the open source project, consolidating KeyDB's previously Enterprise codebase into one unified project under the BSD-3 license!

KeyDB v6.3.0 Release - Feature Summary

KeyDB version 6.3.0 is the first open source release to include previously KeyDB Enterprise Features! This release is the culmination of many years of work to move away from KeyDB鈥檚 global lock and enable better scaling across cores.

KeyDB Announces Seed Funding

Following completion of the Y Combinator S20 batch, EQ Alpha Technology Ltd quickly completed its seed stage funding round of $1.3 million USD. The company has been actively expanding it's engineering team and is already showing profit in Q1 2021.

EQ Alpha Technology Ltd. is of course the company behind the high performance database KeyDB.

Website, Docs & Distribution Updates

KeyDB has upgraded its main website, migrated docs to a newer version, and has changed download distribution methods to provide more options. This comes as KeyDB is now separated into three product offerings: 鈥楰eyDB Open Source鈥, 鈥楰eyDB Cloud鈥, and 鈥楰eyDB Enterprise鈥. Please see below a high level summary of the major changes.