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Start Using KeyDB in Minutes

Site Layout#

There are 3 offering levels of KeyDB: KeyDB Cloud, KeyDB Open Source, and KeyDB Enterprise. Because KeyDB Cloud and Enterprise can be considered a superset of Open Source, all documentation is applicable to all offerings unless its specified as a subcategory under Cloud/Enterprise/Open Source.

KeyDB Cloud and Enterprise use the same binary packages, so the feature set and some of the documentation is the same, however the cloud offering is fully managed with a GUI for simplified, automated operations.


KeyDB remains up to date with the current version of Redis and as such maintains compatibility with standard Redis API's and protocols. Front-end tools, Redis clients, API's and modules will work with KeyDB. KeyDB is a drop in alternative to Redis. You can see more in migration

KeyDB is compatible with all Redis clients as listed here so this should not be a concern. Simply use your client as you would with Redis.

Choose your flavor of KeyDB#

KeyDB Cloud#

KeyDB Cloud is the fastest way to get going with KeyDB. Use the GUI to get a fully configured & managed setup of KeyDB Enterprise running in a few clicks. It is hosted by KeyDB with resources deployed and configured automatically. Pricing is directly proportional to your hardware spend so affordable regardless of your needs. Try any of the KeyDB Enterprise features when using the cloud offering.

  • Click here for instructions getting started with KeyDB Cloud
  • See the KeyDB Cloud section of docs for more on KeyDB Cloud
  • Click here for a higher level overview of KeyDB Cloud (landing page for cloud)

KeyDB Open Source#

KeyDB Open Source is completely free and open source. It can be downloaded a number of ways and is used for on-prem setups.

  • Click here for instructions on getting started with KeyDB Open Source.
  • Click here for a higher level overview of KeyDB Open Source (landing page for open source)

KeyDB Enterprise#

KeyDB Enterprise is for customers who have more complex needs and want to run installations of KeyDB Enterprise on-prem. For these users we offer support and guidance throughout the process to help ensure KeyDB Enterprise is successful in your application. Please email to determine a pricing plan and solution that works for you. We will work with you to get through your POC testing before purchase.

  • Click here for instructions getting started with KeyDB Enterprise
  • See the KeyDB Enterprise section of docs for more on KeyDB Enterprise & features
  • Click here for a higher level overview of KeyDB Enterprise (landing page for enterprise)
  • Click here to set up a call to discuss your use case/needs and how KeyDB Enterprise can help.