Coming Soon to KeyDB Enterprise

In addition to the current KeyDB Enterprise feature suite, we have some exciting new features on the way.

KeyDB Persistence Offerings#

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory is starting to become more readily available to the public. Preliminary testing of KeyDB on PMEM enables persistence at near DRAM speeds. This means that once a value is written to the database it is persisted in the optane memory at that point (no waiting to persist to RDB or AOF). When the client receives the ‘OK’ the data is persisted and not waiting for the fsync interval to elapse.

KeyDB Enterprise on FLASH is retained in FLASH where it is stored which offers a new level of persistence without the need for RDB/AOF. See FLASH in docs for more info. This feature is currently available. We have been making big gains in performance with FLASH at peak loads and continue to do so.

Transaction Rollbacks#

Transaction Rollbacks are being introduced allowing isolation guarantees. In addition to ensuring atomicity where rollbacks are possible without a high level of pre-screening on the client side. Also enabling the user to rollback when they decide to cancel, etc.

Data Compression Options#

Enable compression of objects to reduce database size and cut costs way down. For those limited by memory or paying a lot for the memory, this option has immediate payback.

RAFT Consensus Support#

We are working on a RAFT implementation in KeyDB Enterprise which will offer very strong data guarantees


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