Getting Started with KeyDB Cloud

Sign Up#

KeyDB Cloud is in its early stages and growing quickly, however some regions and KeyDB configurations are still in the works. Please sign up for early access to get on the waiting list and have your request prioritized.

Log In#

Once you have your account, it will remain active for you to log in with indefinitely. In order to delete your account, or for issues with your account please email

Should you forget your password you can click 'forgot password' to have a temporary reset sent to you.


Update Billing Info#

Once you are logged in you have to update your billing information in order to gain access to deploy resources within Cloud. Simply go to the Payment Method page and add in your payment method information.

All payment methods are done securely through Stripe. KeyDB does not store any personal credit card information, and all billing is done using secure Stripe practices.

Once your payment information has been accepted by Stripe your account will be unlocked and you will be able to launch up to 3 different deployments into Cloud. Billing cycles occur at the end of each month and will be charged per second for usage.


You're Ready to Go!#

Congratulations, you are ready to get started! Please see the "Using KeyDB Cloud" section to see how to use the Cloud UI.

Customer Feedback Program#

As KeyDB Cloud is in its initial development stages we have created a direct line of communication to our users who wish to provide feedback on their experience with KeyDB Cloud. This is an open channel where you can ask questions, provide suggestions & feature requests, or elaborate on needs surrounding your use case.

The intent of this program is to make KeyDB Cloud better for our customers. We have big plans for building out the Cloud platform but want to prioritize what our customers value the most. If you want to become part of the customer feedback program, please email and we will add you to the program.