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About KeyDB Cloud Optimized Solutions

What is KeyDB Cloud?#

The KeyDB Optimized Cloud Solutions platform offers a fully managed, hosted service for KeyDB. KeyDB Cloud enables you to get the benefits of KeyDB Enterprise features & performance without the backend setup or management aspects associated. Know that the core KeyDB developers have your back. Not only does KeyDB Cloud self heal and recover, but any issue or anomaly that occurs is investigated by our developers to find the root cause to help ensure issues are not recurring.

With KeyDB Cloud you can have a highly available cluster set up in a just a few minutes. Our interactive user interface allows you to perform complex cluster management actions with the click of a button. Don't worry about making sure you have all hardware and software configuration optimized, it is already done for you. You can migrate your data easily to KeyDB Cloud and experience the benefits right away.

Simple UI, Selection and Control#

With KeyDB Cloud, you will have immediate visibility and insight into the status of your cluster. Control is made easy with complex tasks such as set up, migration, and sharding simplified through the UI.

A Managed Solution#

KeyDB Cloud is managed, which means there is both a level of automation/self healing, and human oversight incorporated as well. Some hosted platforms will spawn up new instances and restart services, but will never ensure the root cause of failures are addressed.

KeyDB Cloud has automated quick responses:

  • Should KeyDB go down for whatever reason, a highly available replica node will immediately be promoted to master and take over (assuming set up with replica nodes). This high availability option helps to ensure you do not experience downtime should something happen.
  • If KeyDB does go down it will automatically be restarted and incorporated back into the cluster
  • For any issue or crash that may occur, our developers will immediately be notified and will investigate the root cause of the issue to ensure the issue does not occur again

Support is Included#

Part of KeyDB Cloud includes KeyDB Support. We are here to help ensure your success with KeyDB. Whether onboarding or encountering hurdles, we are here to help. With our current levels of automation we hope to catch and resolve issues before you even know about them. But there are always less direct challenges associated with different workloads. Knowing you have access to the developers of KeyDB for support, you get the best advice and see actual product improvement.

We value the input of our customers greatly. Although KeyDB is growing fast, we are always looking to better understand our users and their use cases to help improve the product for them. As such we are happy to find out more about how you are using KeyDB to help ensure its success in your application, and also to help improve the product.

If you are interested in a more open relationship with our KeyDB team and want to provide feedback, we encourage you to inquire about our customer feedback program. Please email to get set up.