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Careers at KeyDB

We are actively hiring software developers. As more positions become available they will be posted here.

C++ Software Developer Position:#

This is your opportunity to leave a mark on a project that serves hundreds of thousands of applications. You will be part of our core dev team, where you can influence the product as a whole, not just a siloed subset. At KeyDB you will see your code used and take pride in the work you do!

KeyDB is the fastest database in the world powering the backend of modern day SaaS and web applications. “KeyDB just works” – we believe in taking care of complexities associated with a highly scalable database to make integration and usage simple for our users. KeyDB is extremely fast and will always maintain a lead in the industry, often being among the first to adapt new tech. We are a multithreaded database ringing in at 3-7x faster than the competition!

We recently went through the YCombinator S20 batch and are growing fast. We are an open source project now monetizing with professional and enterprise grade offerings. We are building out our core development team to develop user requested features enabling us to increase our operating momentum in the marketplace.

We are looking for candidates who are Canadian permanent residents or legally authorized to work in Canada. This is a C++ developer role where 90% + time will be spent coding ( ...half your day will not be spent in meetings ;) ). You will be operating in a high paced and continually evolving environment which will challenge you in new ways.

The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:

  • You should have the ability to multitask and oversee projects with little to no oversight
  • Be very comfortable writing in C++ (ideally version 17) and be confident in your abilities. We are willing to invest in our A players. As such we don’t have a specific “# years experience” as it doesn’t always reflect one’s abilities. If you believe you are up to the task and can prove it, we encourage you to apply.
  • Be a high performing individual and self-starter. We are a results oriented company that is lean and efficient. We care more about product than process and as such offer freedom and flexibility to those who perform.
  • You will write code for new features, commands, resolve github issues and be able to debug. You will communicate with customers, collaboration partners, and users when investigating issues. You will be a technical face of the company contributing to both the open source and closed source codebase.
  • You should understand and be able to apply fundamental low level programming concepts to best optimize for performance and efficiency. KeyDB is multithreaded and has an MVCC implementation, and even hits assembly level code within the project.
  • You will need to work from Canada. We are a Canadian company and need our employees here for collaboration efforts. We are currently working remotely due to Covid but do plan on getting an office within the Greater Toronto Area as restrictions let up.

Do you write code for fun? Contribute to projects and communities? Please share this work in your resume. Active github and community contributors will be looked at closer than those who are not. If you have a good argument as to why you would best be suited to this environment/role, please include it in your coverletter/resume.

If KeyDB looks like a good fit, we look forward to meeting you! Joining the KeyDB team will enable you to put your skills to use and grow your abilities at a rapid pace in an exciting and fast growing company. To apply please email your resume to