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How Fast can A Single Instance of Redis be?

Redis is known as one of the fastest databases out there. But what if some of the limitations were removed, how fast could a stand-alone instance become? We often hear that Redis will likely become network bound or memory bound before it is CPU bound on performance limitations. Depending on your setup it could be any of these.

In this article we are going to discuss how we made a module that nearly doubles Redis performance!

A Brief History of Existential Threats to Open Source

How times have changed. In the early 2000s Steve Ballmer famously called Linux a “cancer”. But Microsoft was not the biggest threat. A debate was raging that threatened to sow confusion, fracture the community, and derail open source as a whole. Should people who modify open source software be required to open source their changes as the GPL requires? Or should they be free to do as they wished even if that meant keeping their changes proprietary? The fight was over developer freedom vs user freedom, with the Free Software Foundation in one ring, and Apache Software Foundation in the other. Without a united front open source was doomed — or so Microsoft hoped.